martedì 23 marzo 2010

La natura dei baffi.

«Mrs Hall put it down to his moustache — ‘Maurice's moustache will be the making of him’ — a remark more profound than she realized. Certainly the little black line of it did pull his face together, and show up his teeth when he smiled [...]».

(Edward M. Forster, Maurice, 1971)

«A slow nature such as Maurice's appears insensitive, for it needs time even to feel. Its instinct is to assume that nothing either for good or evil has happened, and to resist the invader. Once gripped, it feels acutely, and its sensation in love are particularly profound. Given time, it can know and impart ecstasy; given time, it can sink to the heart of Hell».

(Edward M. Forster, ibidem)

venerdì 12 marzo 2010

Barcelona blues

«Poquito a poco entiendendo
que no vale la pena andar por andar,
que es mejor caminar pa' ir creciendo

Volveré a encontrarme con vosotros
Volveré a compartir mi alegria
Volveré pa' contar lo que he soñado
Colores nuevos y dias claros»

(Chambao, Poquito a poco, 'Con Otro Aire', 2007)

giovedì 11 marzo 2010


«I am the coast defence,
I am the city wall,
stealing pounds and pence
from you all».

(da Bricks and Mortar, 'In These Lights and On This Evening', Editors, 2009)

martedì 2 marzo 2010


«Oh, I'm scared of the middle place
between lights and nowhere;
I don't want to be the one left in there,
left in there».

(da Hope There's Someone, 'I am a Bird Now', Antony & The Johnsons, 2005)